List of Arizona Candidates That Are Pro-Free Speech/ Pro- Palestine

Hello all! Election day is coming up! How can Arizonans make a difference in Palestine you ask? By voting for local candidates in this election who support free speech and/or are pro-human rights in Palestine!

The following are politicians who voted against the anti-BDS bill (HB2617) in 2016 and are running again in November:

David Bradley: (D) Senator of District 10

Lupe Contreras: (D) Senator of District 19

Andrea Dalessandro: (D) Senator of District 2

Katie Hobbs: (D) Secretary of State Candidate

Martin Quezada: (D) Senator of District 29

Richard Andrade: (D) Representative of District 29

Charlene Fernandez: (D) Representative of District 4

Reginald Bolding: (D) Representative of District 27

Randall Friese: (D) Representative of District 9

Rosanna Gabaldon: (D) Representative of District 2

Sally Gonzales: (D) Candidate for Senate for District 3

Juan Mendez: (D) Senator of District 26

Rebecca Rios: (D) Candidate for Senate for District 27

 The following are Arizonan candidates known to support Palestine:

Athena Salman: (D) Representative of District 26

Raul Grijalva: (D) Representative of District 3