Response to Hate Posters

On the morning of Monday, February 23, offensive and graphic flyers were posted around ASU Tempe campus. The flyers pictured a bloodied and beaten man being dragged by his feet behind a motorcycle. The words “Students for Justice in Palestine” and “#JewHaters” were emblazoned on the image.

Soon after the flyers were posted, a non-ASU political organization called the David Horowitz Freedom Center published a statement confirming that they were responsible. Until now, no investigation has taken place to determine whether or not ASU students were involved in the posting of these flyers.

We at Students for Justice in Palestine are appalled by these posters. Not only do these posters inaccurately label SJP as violent and anti-Semitic, they also foster an attitude of fear, hatred, and mistrust towards us because the ASU community will now associate these posters with SJP.

To reify our longstanding values, we as an organization strongly condemn all forms of violence and hate speech.  We are a nonviolent, non-political, non-religious organization promoting awareness about Palestine and stand in solidarity with all human rights movements.

We are grateful for the support of various organizations, from Bruins for Israel, J Street U at UCLA, to Jewish Voice for Peace, for writing statements condemning these flyers unequivocally.

#IsraeliApartheidWeek Spring 2015

2015 SJP IAW collageStarting February 16th, we will be hosting Israeli Apartheid Week. During this time, we will be hosting two speakers, showing a documentary, and of course having our Mock Apartheid Wall event. For more information and to RSVP, click here.

List of events: 

2015 SJP IAW jeff halperMONDAY: Jeff Halper– Author and founder of Israeli Coalition Against Home Demolitions  Feb 16th | 6pm | COOR 184

WEDNESDAY: Mock Apartheid Wall | Hayden Lawn | Feb 18th

2015 SJP roadmap to apartheidFRIDAY: “Road map to Apartheid” Documentary Screening
Feb 20th | 3:30pm | COOR 120

2015 SJP IAW allison weirMONDAY: Alison Weir– Author, journalist and founder of “If Americans Knew”              Feb 23rd | 6pm | CDN 68

Join us for an evening with journalist Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen

 Recording of the event here + another smear “article” on this event here

Please join us for a discussion with journalist Dan Cohen as he shares with us his experience reporting in Gaza during and after Operation Protective Edge. The event will be held at the Tempe campus in room PSH151 at 6:00pm.

Here is a link to the Facebook event page, and here is a link to the location of the building

We hope you can make it!