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Do you have a passion for justice? Do you want to join an organization that educates people on one of the most important current human rights issues to shape global politics?

Well, look no further! We love newcomers! Whether you are just starting to become interested in the conflict and are looking for more information, or if you are well versed in the issues and are seeking to join a group of people that share your values, we will make sure you feel comfortable regardless of your opinions.

 Keep up with us on social media to find out about upcoming events and meetings! Everyone is more than welcome to attend to learn more about us and/or to become part of our organization!

7 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. I think what you are doing is admirable and I respect you deeply for it. Too many people see the Jews as the victims, no-one ever hears from Palestine, no-one ever sees the injustice and brutal war crimes commited. They say they are protecting themselves. From what?! Innocent people who want peace? Keep fighting.

  2. My interest is in Tufts (Medford, Mass.) and in particular in the Fletcher School, of which I am an alumnus (1973 vintage).
    Do you have a chapter there? Fletcher is a quite influential school, as (1) it has a much larger foreign contingent than most (2) its alumni are found in government, UN, international business, think tanks, etc…
    I live in Malaysia. I am planning a visit to Fletcher early next year (Jan/Feb). On part this is because I am concerned that the School has just chosen a new Dean, Adm. James Stavridis, ex- SACEUR. After 12+ years of reckless US militarism, it seems we have designated one of the leading protagonists as our Dean. So I am reviewing my support.
    I would be interested to meet any SJP representative. I think I would rather support SJP, whose stand at least I can understand and that I think morally correct.
    If you have a contact please advise me.
    Kind regards,

  3. Will be a new grad student at ASU this fall. Hope to begin to attend your meetings after I arrive in Tempe on August 15. Have drawn attention to Palestine in the courses I have taught here at Boise State for years. Look forward to lending a hand…



  4. Hi, I am a native american and have been watching the activities that are happening over in Palestine. I don’t like what I’ve been seeing all these years. I did not understand the conflict when I first began to hear of it. But, fortunately now I do. I wish that I could say I speak for all Natives here in America, but unfortunately I can only speak for myself, and my daughters, who believe the conflict to be an ugly repetition of historic proportions, of what happened to us here in America. What has happened in Africa, and continues to happen in parts of the world where hatred, greed, corruption, and feelings of entitlement, exist in the warped minds of those who commit acts of apartheid, and genocide. As a Native American I know intimately what the Palestinian people are feeling and existing with as they walk through their daily lives burdened with indignities and inequality. I wish there was a way that I could go there and comfort every one of them with words of kindness and hope, and let them see me. Someone in America who loves them because they exist and are worthy of equal rights, compassion, and civil rights, and dignity. Please do me the kindest of all favors, even though you don’t know me, and share this email with those who matter, the Palestinian People. Let them know that they have brothers and sisters of oppression in America. I know that if all Native Americans would take more notice of them. We would all become a force for allegiance and progression in standing with them and declaring the Israelis government as an apartheid movement in illegal government policies of hate, and delusional entitlement. Just as manifest destiny was the delusional entitlement declaration for the suffering we struggle with even today.

    My name is Henry and I am a Native American, and I have noticed you and your suffering. Your cause will not remain hidden from eyes that matter.
    Love and Peace to all of you. I will do what I can.

    I will create a banner of respect for you to consider. It will read N.A.D.I.A. Native American Denouncing Israelis Apartheid I will hope in it and in the relief you seek.

  5. I would like to meet people who are well versed on this issue. I have some questions to ask folks who hold pro-Palestinian views so that I may become more informed about what Palestinians want and if they are indeed for real, thank you.

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