Israel vs. Israel Movie Screening 9/20/2012


Join us for a movie screening of Israel vs. Israel, a documentary about 4 Israeli peace activists, one grandmother, one rabbi, one anarchist and one ex-soldier, that are trying to put an end to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

When: Thursday, September 20th
Time: 7-9PM (Run Time approx: 60 min. Q & A Session immediately following)
Where: Cottonwood Hall (CWAL) @ ASU which is located in Barrett Honors College Complex, Tempe Campus

The documentary Israel vs Israel is a film about Jewish peace activists who in both words and actions take a stand against 40 years of occupation and illegal settlements. This is a film about the desperate struggle to somehow change the current situation and improve life for the Palestinians.
In return, these activists face skepticism and hatred from fellow Israeli countrymen. Israel vs Israel reveals both sensitive family discussion as well as secret testimonies from former combat soldiers.
These Israelis are often portrayed as naïve, unreliable and dangerous for the Jewish state. They are often ridiculed and demonized for their honest commitment. The fight for peace divides Israel in Terje Carlssons new documentary.


SJP condemns home demolitions, voices support for Rachel Corrie’s family

September 1st-Over 7 years after the civil law suit was filed against the State of Israel, Rachel Corrie’s family listened in a Haifa District Court while the judge held that the Israeli Government was not responsible for Rachel’s death.  In support of the Corrie family and the struggle for justice and equal rights, ASU’s Students for Justice in Palestine condemn the Israeli policy of Palestinian home demolitions.  SJP joined the Rachel Corrie Foundation in marking the verdict of the Corrie trial by pressuring the investment firm TIAA-CREF from divesting in companies that are complicit in the occupation, including Caterpillar Inc., Veolia, and Northrop Grumman.  Rachel was killed by a Caterpillar bulldozer as she was protecting the home of a Palestinian family in March of 2003.  TIAA-CREF currently holds Caterpillar stock.


On Friday August 31st, SJP held a letter writing and signing table at Arizona State University as part of a larger nationwide social media campaign to take a stand against home demolitions.  SJP collected and delivered 70 letters TIAA-CREF’s offices in Phoenix, Arizona.  Below are pictures of the event:

SJP member, Yasmeen, delivers letters to TIAA-CREF Phoenix office

70 signed letters to TIAA-CREF