Fundraiser for the Jerusalem Fund!


We are having a fundraiser for The Jerusalem Fund next Saturday, November 3 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at McAlister’s on Rural Road!

How it works:

1. RSVP by October 31st here:

2. At the event, when your order, mention Students for Justice in Palestine, and McAlister’s will donate 15% of your meal price to The Jerusalem Fund!

It’s that easy! Hope to see y’all there!

List of Arizona Candidates That Are Pro-Free Speech/ Pro- Palestine

Hello all! Election day is coming up! How can Arizonans make a difference in Palestine you ask? By voting for local candidates in this election who support free speech and/or are pro-human rights in Palestine!

The following are politicians who voted against the anti-BDS bill (HB2617) in 2016 and are running again in November:

David Bradley: (D) Senator of District 10

Lupe Contreras: (D) Senator of District 19

Andrea Dalessandro: (D) Senator of District 2

Katie Hobbs: (D) Secretary of State Candidate

Martin Quezada: (D) Senator of District 29

Richard Andrade: (D) Representative of District 29

Charlene Fernandez: (D) Representative of District 4

Reginald Bolding: (D) Representative of District 27

Randall Friese: (D) Representative of District 9

Rosanna Gabaldon: (D) Representative of District 2

Sally Gonzales: (D) Candidate for Senate for District 3

Juan Mendez: (D) Senator of District 26

Rebecca Rios: (D) Candidate for Senate for District 27

 The following are Arizonan candidates known to support Palestine:

Athena Salman: (D) Representative of District 26

Raul Grijalva: (D) Representative of District 3

SJP at ASU stands with Black Lives Matter

black lives matter

Say their names:

Philando Castile.

Alton Sterling.

Essence Bowman.

Dylan Noble.

Delrawn Small.

Stephanie Hicks.

These are some of the most recent victims of police violence in the United States, whose lives were brutally and tragically cut short. They were parents, friends, spouses, siblings, sons and daughters. They had homes, jobs, hobbies, plans and dreams. They were human and their lives mattered. Say their names.

Across the country, Black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by police than White people. In 2015, 346 Black people were killed by the police. Since the beginning of this year, 187 Black people have been killed by the police.

That is roughly one person every single day.

As students who believe in justice- from our own neighborhoods to Palestine- we cannot let this continue.

Over the years, our Black brothers and sisters have faced horrific oppression, discrimination and structural violence. They have repeatedly been told that their lives did not matter. In spite of this, they have survived and resisted with amazing courage, steadfastness, resilience and grace.

As members of SJP at ASU, we recognize their struggle for justice and affirm that Black lives, all Black lives, matter.

We extend our full, unwavering love and support to our Black brothers and sisters and stand in solidarity with them.

We support them not just because they have always supported us, not just because the freedoms of all oppressed people are inextricably connected, and not just because we care about social justice.

We support them because they matter.

Say their names.


(Statistics mentioned are from and are current as of July 12th, 2016)


Learn more about recent events, Black Lives Matter, and how you can help:


Learn about Black and Palestinian solidarity:


We’re back!!!

It’s been a long time, but we’re getting back to updating our social media! Looking forward to a great new semester with lots of amazing discussions, activities and events!

If you’re a new student interested in joining, please be sure to sign up via our SunDevilSync page for announcements and ASU events.

If you are an old member, also make sure you join the page as we are currently working on redoing the email listserv and in the meantime, we will be using ASU’s system for general announcements.

We look forward to working together for peace and justice in Palestine!


On anti-Semitism in UCLA Council

On February 10th of 2015, members of Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) at UCLA interviewed Rachel Beyda, a student candidate who was running for a position on the Judicial Board. One of the council members asked Beyda if her Jewish background would influence her performance as a student leader. The recording of the session meeting is available online.

Jewish people have continually endured detestable and unacceptable discrimination. This incident is yet another manifestation of such outrageous and distressing prejudice. We, as members of Students for Justice in Palestine at ASU, denounce the unjustified interrogation of this student and the subsequent offensive discussion of her identity as deplorable and anti-Semitic.

If such anti-Semitism was used with the intention of defending a social justice movement, then the perpetrators have no place in the movement.




We submitted this letter to the State Press on March 31, 2015.