Join us for a guest lecture by Dr. Dalit Baum-Wednesday November 14th at 7 pm @ ASU

Who Profits from the Israeli Occupation? Queer-feminist responses to Corporate Profiteering

SJP and OUTLaw welcome you to a guest lecture on Wednesday, November 14th, at 7 PM in LSE 107, by Dr. Dalit Baum on the Democracy Movement in Israel/Palestine from the feminist perspective, and the Israeli government’s new tactic called “pinkwashing”.

The talk will provide an overview of the economy of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, from a feminist perspective, and a discussion of queer-feminist organizing in 1948/ Israel against militarization, racism and occupation. How can the 99% take on the big corporations that perpetuate war and occupation?

¬†How can students at ASU engage in economic activism with concrete positive effects on people’s lives in Palestine?Dalit Baum, Ph.D., is an Israeli activist and teacher, who founded “Who Profits from the Occupation”, an activist research project of The Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel. This year she is working in the Bay Area out of the Economic Activism Program of Global Exchange, providing community and campus divest campaigns with resources and tools.

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