SJP Supports the Russell Tribunal Held on Oct. 6 & 7

October 4, 2012- Students for Justice in Palestine at Arizona State University supports the Russell Tribunal on Palestine which will be held this weekend in the Great Hall of the Cooper Union located in New York.  The fact that the Russell Tribunal will be held in such a historic place gives us hope that one day justice will be served for the Palestinians.  This Hall has been the center of many campaigns such as worker’s rights and even the women’s suffrage movement as well as the birth of the NAACP. The Tribunal does not have any legal status but has a strong backing and sense of legitimacy that comes from the support of all those who advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation and Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.  Israel’s impunity has not gone unnoticed to many across the world and the New York Tribunal will be framed around the root of the conflict as well as UN and US responsibility in the denial of the Palestinian right to self-determination.  Previous Russell Tribunals were held in Barcelona, London, and Cape Town each focusing on a different topic such as EU complicity, corporate complicity, and the crime of Apartheid, respectively.


The tribunal will be live streamed on Free Speech TV and at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine on October 6 and 7.  For more information visit


Shifa Alkhatib/ASU SJP Media & PR


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