Silent Protest Speaks Volumes

On November 2, 2010 Sun Devils for Israel invited Sergeant Nadav Weinberg who is a Israel Defense Soldier (IDF) to speak about the “Ethics of the IDF.” This is how ASU students responded:

9 thoughts on “Silent Protest Speaks Volumes

  1. As a Christian and a supporter of human rights for Palestinians, I was proud to join with the Students for Justice in Palestine in there silent protest at ASU. Your video captures the heart and soul of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is gratifying to see that the Israeli Defense Force representatives are meeting similar opposition at college campuses across the nation. The small turnout of Jewish students for the event may be a result of more Jewish people waking up to what Israel is really doing to the Palestinians. Check out the video of the action by young Jewish people of YoungJewishProud taken at a presentation in New Orleans by Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu at

  2. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that i supports the students protests against IDF representives in the USA.It shows that the students got a good political conscious about what is going on in israel.Keep up the good work and continue the protests against the IDF.

  3. “As someone who has suffered torture in the past at the hands of the british army and RUC, i would be very proud to be associated with any group of young people in my city who could respond to any injustice in the civilised and dignified way that these students have,their silence speaks volumes,and their community should be very proud of them”

  4. I don’t have words for this act of courage by the students participating in the protest. I am unable to comprehend, why the “entire world” is silent on the brutal killings of Palestinians men, woman, elderly and children? Why US backs Israel? Israel is conducting genocide. No one sees that? No one is stopping it? The world jumps into situations in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, and Libya. They (western forces) are bombing Qaddafi’s forces . Why are they not bombing Israel? Don’t they see that Israel is also killing innocent civilians brutally? Why ? Why ? Why ? This is hypocrisy. Sheer hypocrisy. I hope some day Israel gets to pay for its evil deeds. Ameen.

  5. I am looking preferably for a Palestinian Christian to speak at a Lutheran church in Mesa about the Middle East and the nature of the conflict between Palestine and Israel from a Palestinian point of view. Please email me at Thanks.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. We are very interested in this opportunity. Someone from SJP will be contacting you shortly.

      Thanks again,

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