Students should seek understanding rather than smearing

Full: Letter: Students should seek understanding rather than smearing

“Our wall was set up on Hayden Lawn as a talking-point to inform the ASU community about the Wall and the Israeli occupation, as it is known by the International Court of Justice and the United Nations. The wall featured facts, statistics and artwork illustrating daily life under the occupation and celebrating the resiliency of the Palestinian people. It was intended to be an invitation for dialogue, and frankly, we are confused as to why Brunner did not choose to talk to any SJP members who stood by the Wall for over 16 hours. SJP welcomes all opinions, even dissenting ones, as we believe in democratic ideals and freedom of expression. So, we invite anyone to join us at our meetings and learn how we campaign for greater human rights awareness.”

This letter is our response to the libelous State Press opinion article, “Students for Justice in Palestine should erect a bridge rather than a wall”


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