SJP at ASU stands with Black Lives Matter

black lives matter

Say their names:

Philando Castile.

Alton Sterling.

Essence Bowman.

Dylan Noble.

Delrawn Small.

Stephanie Hicks.

These are some of the most recent victims of police violence in the United States, whose lives were brutally and tragically cut short. They were parents, friends, spouses, siblings, sons and daughters. They had homes, jobs, hobbies, plans and dreams. They were human and their lives mattered. Say their names.

Across the country, Black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by police than White people. In 2015, 346 Black people were killed by the police. Since the beginning of this year, 187 Black people have been killed by the police.

That is roughly one person every single day.

As students who believe in justice- from our own neighborhoods to Palestine- we cannot let this continue.

Over the years, our Black brothers and sisters have faced horrific oppression, discrimination and structural violence. They have repeatedly been told that their lives did not matter. In spite of this, they have survived and resisted with amazing courage, steadfastness, resilience and grace.

As members of SJP at ASU, we recognize their struggle for justice and affirm that Black lives, all Black lives, matter.

We extend our full, unwavering love and support to our Black brothers and sisters and stand in solidarity with them.

We support them not just because they have always supported us, not just because the freedoms of all oppressed people are inextricably connected, and not just because we care about social justice.

We support them because they matter.

Say their names.


(Statistics mentioned are from and are current as of July 12th, 2016)


Learn more about recent events, Black Lives Matter, and how you can help:


Learn about Black and Palestinian solidarity:


Thank you from SJP

The Students For Justice in Palestine at Arizona State University would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who contributed and helped with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) Benefit Concert on April 12th. With your support, we were able to raise $2688 to go towards sponsoring medical treatments for Palestinian children.   We could not have pulled this event off without our amazing artisits, SJP volunteers, as well as volunteers from PCRF.

We are dedicated to educating students on the injustices occurring in Palestine but it is also important to bring our community together to raise awareness and fund-raise for a great cause.  PCRF is an organization dedicated to helping the medical and humanitarian crises facing Palestinian youths in the Middle East.  Find more information on PCRF here.

We will be uploading pictures soon. Check out our facebook page for more information.

In addition, if you would like to learn more about what PCRF does, join the cause, or meet the volunteers there is a community awareness picnic on April 28th at 1 p.m. See flyer below:155710_191057371041975_947432701_n

SJP Stands with M.E.Ch.A. in Denouncing Columbus Day and Promoting Indigenous Peoples Day


Aman Aberra- SJP President

Shifa Alkhatib- SJP Media and Public Relations

Today, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán at ASU (M.E.Ch.A.) and the Students for Justice in Palestine at ASU (SJP) stood together outside of the Memorial Union at Arizona State University to bring awareness to our indigenous population and celebrate indigenous culture.  M.E.Ch.A. members laid outside in over 90 degree heat, with red shirts and skulls painted on their faces, to make the point that Columbus day is a celebration of invasion, occupation, and enslavement of native peoples.  SJP members supported this effort by collecting dozens of student signatures for a petition to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day on our academic calendars.

The purpose of transforming this day into Indigenous Peoples day is to educate people about the truth of the conquest of the “New World” by Christopher Columbus.  This day should be a day for people to learn the truth of colonialism and the genocide that resulted from Columbus’ invasion.

Columbus day is a federal holiday to commemorate Christopher Columbus arriving in the “New World” in 1492. Columbus day should not be celebrated as it led to European colonization, exploitation of the Native population, genocide, and the Atlantic Slave Trade.   Instead, let us celebrate a day of indigenous culture and change what the next generation of children are taught in schools.

Repudiating our nation’s history of colonialism will take more than just replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. The United States sends a massive amount of military aid to Israel—$8.2 million a day—supporting the continuation of Israel’s impunity and human rights abuses against Palestinians. Since it’s creation in 1948, Israel has slowly stolen more and more Palestinian land, in a pattern resembling the European settlers’ expansion across North America.

Shrinking Native American and Palestinian Land
Green represents the historic land

With it’s apartheid wall, Israel has divided the West Bank into a labyrinth of checkpoints, with settlers illegally building new settlements and stealing more Palestinian land every day. Gaza remains trapped—the largest open air prison in the world—blockaded and bombarded by the Israeli military. We are all witnesses to another case of occupation and colonization, but we will not stand to let history repeat itself.

We stand with M.E.Ch.A. and ask Arizona State University to remove Columbus Day from our academic calendars and mark October 8 as Indigenous Peoples Day.


SJP member (left) and M.E.Ch.A. member (right) stand side by side in solidarity

Dedicated M.E.CH.A. member all smiles before laying down in 90 degree heat.

SJP Supports the Russell Tribunal Held on Oct. 6 & 7

October 4, 2012- Students for Justice in Palestine at Arizona State University supports the Russell Tribunal on Palestine which will be held this weekend in the Great Hall of the Cooper Union located in New York.  The fact that the Russell Tribunal will be held in such a historic place gives us hope that one day justice will be served for the Palestinians.  This Hall has been the center of many campaigns such as worker’s rights and even the women’s suffrage movement as well as the birth of the NAACP. The Tribunal does not have any legal status but has a strong backing and sense of legitimacy that comes from the support of all those who advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation and Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.  Israel’s impunity has not gone unnoticed to many across the world and the New York Tribunal will be framed around the root of the conflict as well as UN and US responsibility in the denial of the Palestinian right to self-determination.  Previous Russell Tribunals were held in Barcelona, London, and Cape Town each focusing on a different topic such as EU complicity, corporate complicity, and the crime of Apartheid, respectively.


The tribunal will be live streamed on Free Speech TV and at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine on October 6 and 7.  For more information visit


Shifa Alkhatib/ASU SJP Media & PR


Justice Not Served for Activist Rachel Corrie-SJP Marks The Verdict at Arizona State University


SJP Media/PR: Shifa Alkhatib


Tuesday, August 28, 2012-Today, in a Haifa courtroom, an Israeli judge ruled that the State of Israel was not responsible for the horrific death of Rachel Corrie.  The Israeli Occupation Forces killed Rachel with a Caterpillar bulldozer in March 2003 while defending a Palestinian home in Gaza.

Rachel Corrie was a twenty-three year old American student at Evergreen State College who traveled to Palestine for her senior thesis.  Rachel wanted to meet activists such as her self hoping to learn from them.  With this in mind, Rachel traveled to Palestine joining international activists that were dedicated to protesting human rights abuses.

During the ruling, the judge stated that the bulldozer hit Rachel by accident although witnesses maintain that she was wearing a visible orange vest and had a bullhorn in her hand and made her presence known to the driver at the time she was killed.  Rachel’s parents sued the Israeli government for only $1 hoping to get justice for Rachel’s death.

Rachel’s lawyer plans to bring an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court within 45 days. Although justice was not served today, Rachel remains a symbolic figure of resistance and courage for the Palestinian people and all human rights activists across the world.

The Students for Justice in Palestine at ASU remember Rachel Corrie on this day and hope that one day justice will be fairly served.

Take Action!

To “Mark the Verdict,” the Rachel Corrie Foundation is calling upon us to take action in opposition to Israel’s occupation and demolition of Palestinian homes, as well as companies that support and profit from them. SJP is holding a table on Hayden lawn, Friday, August 31th, between 10 AM to 2 PM where supporters can sign a letter calling upon TIAA-CREF, a large investment company, to divest from companies that profit from the conflict, like Caterpillar Inc.  SJP will deliver the letters in person to the TIAA-CREF office here in Phoenix.

The Rachel Corrie Foundation has more actions we can take individually on their website, such as taking a picture of yourself with a poster of Rachel Corrie to post on their Tumblr as part of a larger campaign. For more information follow this link:

We Stand with the Irvine 11

Arizona State University Students for Justice in Palestine joined with thirty-two other student Palestine solidarity groups to issue a statement condemning the unjust convictions of the Irvine 11.

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

“Ordinarily, a person leaving a courtroom with a conviction behind him would wear a somber face.  But I left with a smile.  I knew that I was a convicted criminal, but I was proud of my crime. It was the crime of joining my people in a nonviolent protest against injustice.“

-Martin Luther King, Jr. (Case No. 7399, convicted of “violating the state (of Alabama)’s anti-boycott law,” March 22, 1956, from Stride Toward Freedom: the Montgomery Story.)

We join our voices with the unjustly charged and convicted Irvine 11, who dared to draw attention to Israel’s war crimes. Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckus, has punished students who care about the world enough to try to change it. The 11 students refused to remain silent when Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren spoke at the University of California, Irvine in February 2010. Their brief outbursts, at best representing protected First Amendment speech and at worst harmless civil disobedience, have led to McCarthyistic misdemeanor charges. On September 23, 2011, an Orange Country jury found them “guilty.”

We unequivocally condemn these charges, which unfairly single out and criminalize Muslim students who chose to exercise their First Amendment right to speak out against Israel’s human rights abuses. Had the speaker not been Israeli, had the issue not been Palestine, had the students not been Muslim, these charges never would have been pursued. Rather, these charges reflect a climate of Islamophobia and an irrational exceptionalism for Israel when it comes to free speech. The charges chill the free exchange of ideas and students’ right to protest at universities nationwide.

It is our right and duty to speak out against Israel’s egregious violations of international law and Palestinian rights.  The American government gives Israel over three billion dollars a year in military aid and is therefore directly responsible for Israel’s actions. We are troubled by the increased suppression of student voices in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom. Student groups around the country continue to be targeted for their criticisms of Israeli governmental policies. University administrators find themselves under intense pressure from the Israel Lobby when pro-Palestine events occur on campus. It comes in the form of public smearing, alumni pressure, and frivolous lawsuits, as well as U.S. Department of Education investigations that seek to classify criticism of Israel as a violation of students’ civil rights. But it is the criminal prosecution of the Irvine 11 and the silencing of student activists everywhere that violate our civil rights.

It is inconceivable to suggest that Ambassador Oren, who has published four opinion-editorials in the New York Times alone and can easily command the attention of newspapers and television crews, has been denied a voice. On the other hand, it is routine for Palestinians to be silenced by the military and government that he represents without any media attention. The Irvine 11 shed light on the Palestinian voices constantly excluded from the media and public discourse.

To the Irvine 11: you are not alone. Like Dr. King wrote of his own unjust verdict, this week in September, the court convicted more than just you; it convicted every student dedicated to upholding human rights and ending injustice. We commend you for your courage and moral clarity. We know that the Irvine 11 are convicted criminals—but we are proud of their crime.


“…Instead of stopping the movement, the opposition’s tactics had only served to give it greater momentum, and to draw us closer together. What the opposition failed to see was that our mutual sufferings had wrapped us all in a single garment of destiny. What happened to one happened to all.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


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